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Originally Posted by Snik View Post
I remember reading your thread when it 1st started about buying a used HPF M3. Had no idea it was a vert. That's awesome.

I haven't been on your thread in forever, but how are u HPF guys managing without them. Is is tougher to get parts and upgrades and such, or pretty much any solid BMW tuner with turbo experience can help?

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I have learned a tone since buying the car and have found some weakness in the wiring and have made some solid changes that others have benefited from. I now tune it myself and have worked with other HPF owners to resolve issues and have been also helped a lot... I'll be heading out to the Middle East to work on an HPF car next month .... There is a good support community and lab22 is a new shop that does good work on HPF and custom turbo on the s54 platform...

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