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Originally Posted by SeattleBMW View Post
I'm thinking of buying an Extended Warranty, what would you recommend?

Just bought a fully loaded 2011 328xi right before my Seahawks won the Super Bowl! It has 29,000 miles. Only about 10 months left on the original warranty.

The Toyota dealership I got a killer deal from wants to sell me a 10 year 100,000 for $1, BMW friend told me to come here to see if there's a better deal.

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Nice story about the Seahawks and all (I'm still bitter over my 9ers haha), but you're in the wrong forum and wrong thread lol You're looking for the

This thread is for a special emissions equipped version of the e46 chassis. You've got an e90 chassis with a different engine, suspension, etc. so we won't be of much help, but in general, BMWs eat through parts. I haven't driven the e90s for long enough to tell you more than that. Good luck and congrats on the purchase!

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