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So a week later I get my car back!

They diagnosed and fixed my secondary air system...the pump was already replaced two years ago at another dealer but the SES light still came on that previous dealer was quite hard to deal with and wanted to charge me $300 for new tubes so I said forget it and lived with the light. This time, they replaced the pump again which still didn't work and after more diagnostics they replaced the Secondary air pump relay and that I believe fixed the problem.

My vanos oil supply line was seeping oil however it was NOT covered under the warranty, they quoted me $280 I think. I will change it out myself when I have time.

They also found fault codes for the cylinder ignition coil #2 &6, they did a compression test and replaced coils 2 & 6 under warranty. This was a problem I did not know my car had.

They did not replaced my fuel tank however as the found no problems...lets hope the pump craps out before my warranty ends!

Anyways, I'd highly recommend Crevier BMW as they are quite knowledgeable of the SULEV warranty, their own folder contains more information than we have here and also have lists of what exact parts are covered. Got a nice 2014 328d loaner too, as nice and tech packed they are, I'm much more happier in the e46.

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