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Originally Posted by diosak View Post
So i have this problem:
front driver's side window works fine, goes up and down with no issue. However, when it's almost bottomed, it sounds like it it smashes down the end of the regulator.
Could it be some kind of window-stop inside the door?
How could i possibly fix that?
The window glass is attached to the regulator by two brackets, one each side of the glass. There's a single 8mm bolt on each bracket that secures the regulator runner to the glass bracket.
- Its possible that one of those bracket bolts has fallen out.
The regulator runners run on cables. Its possible that one or both of the runners have disengaged from the crimped sleeve on the cable that drives them. That's what happened to mine.
Open it up and take a quick look. If its just a bolt you'll probably find it rolling around the bottom of the door. A magnet is your friend. If its a regulator, buy the Uro for $60 or so. Good DIY here for the R&R.
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