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Originally Posted by Sedan Hussein View Post
Let me know if you ever want to shoot another car haha.
I'm glad you liked it, I definitely wouldn't mind taking some clips of your car for you, or possibly of the two together and making a longer video out of it. The only problem is that we'd probably have to travel. The only place that was nice and empty that I came across in Ballantyne was the MetLife buildings off of Ballantyne Commons. They are all brand new garages and have cool roads, but I am not sure if we would be allowed to film there, seems like they might would be uptight about it. I had filmed these two videos in the parking garage where the 7PM Downtown Euro Meet is.

If you have a place in mind, where people won't bother us, or us bother people, we can try and meet there sometime. I'll have to check out the place before we go, and try to blueprint it out to see what shots should be taken.
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