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Fyi Update on ATF leaking out of Breather

Well I still have the problem. It does not seem to do it when cold if I start it in neutral, drive, neutral, then reverse. But can't be sure if it's doing it while driving?

After 2000 miles it's lost about 6 ounces. I jacked up the car yesterday, warmed it up to correct temp 98 and opened fill plug, no stream, it didn't need much but still 6 ounces? So not to comfortable with that. I was thinking about installing a extension tube, if I can, to the top of the breather and running it up under the hood to a tank. But not sure if the fluid will just go back down into the trany if when the pressure drops or not? I just can't see taking in a good working trany and having the whole thing rebuilt for this.

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