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Originally Posted by Teddy7 View Post
Yea I heard about the repaving.

I loved Greencove. Granted, I don't have much experience to judge the layout, but I loved the amount of speed you can carry through corners due to their size. Sure there is a suggested line, but they don't discourage drivers getting creative with their lines since there is asphalt everywhere. You can just make up a line in your head and go for it. The crowd seemed to enjoy when I started changing up the line.

The crowd was pretty large, and drivers were super chill and nice. You can get tons of runs in, and it's cheaper than OSW. If I go drifting next month, it'll be out at Greencove again. Mainly because Greencove costs $50 where OSW NOPI costs $75 or $100 day of.

Don't get me wrong. OSW is a good time, but they keep adding more and more regulations which continue to push the budget drifter(me included) away. I completely understand where they are coming from in regards to safety, but Greencove(while arguably less safe) just let me go out and drive after a brief tech inspection. OSW wants me to install a harness bar and fire extinguisher before letting me drive. I know for a fact that OSW's tech sheet is a huge factor contributing to people avoiding that track. It was actually being talked about in casual conversations by people out at Greencove.
Yeah I might have to make it up there for the next one!

I understand why people are having a hard time with the new tech rules, it can be a pain in the ass, but most of the stuff is pretty good to have anyways. I think you'll be fine without a roll bar, and I ended up picking up a $10 extinguisher from walmart and it passed tech lol.
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