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Originally Posted by e46brian330i
Once the seat is out, I balanced it (at the seat crotch) upside down over a well-padded sawhorse so I could work on the bottom (take the headrest out first so it doesn't rub the floor). Do the same with the M3 seat.

You'll see that both seats are attached to their respective rails by four legs that provide seat height adjustment. These are attached with four nuts and spring clips, which are easily removed, allowing you to swap rails between the M3 seat and your own---with a couple of complications:

First, you have to unbolt the female part of the seatbelt from the seatrail, and unclip its wiring harness from the bracket. You also have to remove the mounting bracket for the other harnesses and detach the one motor from its connector. At that point, you'll be ready to remove the 4 bolts and then the rails, one side at at time.


You actually didn't have to do that much work.

AlanL. just drilled out the rivet holding the seatbelt tensioner onto the sedan seat rails and bolted it to the M3 seat rails.

Much less work and headache plus if you ever wanted to put the sedan seats back in all you'd have to do is bolt the tensioner to the sedan seat rails again.

Nice work though and congrats.
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