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Originally Posted by semcoinc View Post
Hi Carlos,

Not a literal "Classical" listener here either I'm a bass fan too........the E46 could benefit from some modest subwoofer and I'm on the hunt for something 6" or 8" that can fit in our small trunk space.
misunderstood, I tought you were the type that went to operas and such! Anyhow, I have 2 12's subs in my E46 sedan trunk and still plenty of room! I like how the trunk does not rattle when listening to rap/hip hop.

Just after receiving my unit I made a 16GB SD Card full of MP3 music and a couple of .M4V videos of Eagles "Farewell Tour" from Melbourne. I was disappointed that the videos were not recognized by the unit when pressing the video button when in the SD Card screen
So until I spend more time figuring out what video formats the unit recognizes and then I'll have to make videos using those formats.
Yeah, I have already pointed out on an earlier post that the unit does not recognize couple video formats, specially if these are high resolution! What works best is to re-format to AVI/XVID and lower screen size to 720x480.

A real peeve of mine with the SD card interface is the fact that the unit will not show the SD card folders in alphabetical order. Instead they show them in order of date added to card :bang head: So when we are looking for a particular artist, how the heck are we supposed to find that artist's folder easily???? This needs fixing - hopefully a UI fix can be implemented for this SD Card flaw or give the user a selectable way to organize the display of their SD card files/folders.
yes, this might be fixed with an update. I really don't mind the way its set up as of now. I guess its because I have added my music per genre but it will help if you can choose how the SDcard sorts music folders like an ipod does.
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