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Originally Posted by majorglory View Post
Thanks Carlos for the "initialize" tip. That did the trick regarding keeping the clock on time. As for mircast and DLNA, I still cannot seem to get it to work. Is it some software restriction because this is a US model? I did (very briefly) get screen mirroring to show, but then it went to the "Waring, do not watch TV while driving" verbiage on the screen and that was all she wrote.

Any advise would be helpful.
Not a problem! Did you grounded the "brake wire" from the unit instead of connecting it to the actual brake wire in the car? It has nothing to do with the region restriction, but if this wire was connected to the hand brake, it will interfere with video viewing. You need to ground this wire, just be safe and don't view videos while driving!

Since it is giving that message, I'm pretty sure this wire was not grounded or connected at all. Also, where was the Wifi antenna located? What I did was to used its magnet and located it like most others behind the glove box, there was a metal piece left of the fuses and works fine for me. Wifi antenna location is important to make a good connection.
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