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Originally Posted by majorglory View Post
Nope... Didn't ground the brake wire (didn't realize I had to). I have the WiFi antenna in the large open spot under the hood. I will move it to the location you suggested and ground that wire.
YEP, ground the brake wire AND Wifi antenna must be inside the cabin!! why did you install under the hood?! Wifi antenna is just to connect your phone/tablet or other device to the unit, it is not to get Wifi signal to connect your unit to the internet if that is what you were thinking. This will solve your connectivity issues for sure.

One last item. There seems to be a great debate on the Nav software. In the short time I have had this unit, I am not overly impressed with the interface of the Kudos (seems very jumpy and not too pretty). I know on the D5150 it use to have iGo and people seem very happy with that one (based on other forums and reviews). How can I change this out? I am not very familiar with torrent files (though I am a fast learner). Any suggestions/advice (proper US Spelling ) would be appreciated.
FYI IgoPrimo was never supplied by Eonon and yes people do not like Kudos that much. Personally i think IgoPrimo is the way to go, both D5150/GM5150 and I believe all other Eonon GPS units support IGO.

Just because I don't want to get in trouble or I don't think posting torrent links is permitted, just search D5150/GM5150 IGOPRIMO installation.
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