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Originally Posted by phatmustang73
thanks guys for the support :) i've done business with kevin (kwang1) before. i bought his genV DDE's and he couldnt have shipped them in any better condition :thumbup: Even though they were only $125 shipped, he made sure to package it as if they were his own still. I really dont want to make a big deal about this since it's not a huge loss of money. but i wish you would have the courtesy to treat the things you sell & the pple u sell them to with more care. we all love our cars here & it's just the right thing to do to refund someone their money if the product sent wasn't delivered in the condition agreed upon before. Fed Ex actually sent the bumper back to me because they said they dont have your home address (cuz u sent it from a world shipping center in FL :dunno:), so if you could please message me ur address i can have them send it back to you. Still hoping for the refund, but in any case have a good day.

you are a good guy :thumbup:
hopefully he feels bad about how he packed the bumper and after seeing the damage due to bad packing will refund you your money.
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