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I would recommend filming in an area with better light, during the day actually. I dont know what you are shooting with but your camera isnt good enough to capture at night like that and neither is my T3i, once you get into MK II and up is when those cameras can shoot at a low enough iso to capture footage while remaining quality. It was hard to tell what your angle was to these videos. Is it supposed to be a story of you driving around or showcasing your car? There werent enough shots of the car, just slight angles of it. The shots were to long, as in, 8 second clips arent the greatest if there is no real action to be displayed. Try focusing on the car as a whole and how to frame the car properly. Repeated clips are also annoying to watch, like the turning on of the headlights in two back to back clips in the first video.

Im not trying to be mean but more so give you constructive criticism to move you in the right direction. If you are serious about becoming better at videography I suggest going on youtube and watching a bunch of peoples car videos to give you a better idea and understanding of something that is visually appealing and enjoyable to watch.

I commend your efforts to try something new. Every master was once a beginner

Here is something I HIGHLY recommend if you want to continue in videography. This is from my friends website, its very cheap and very basic but the results are astounding.

Here is the link to his site and to the page of how to make one for yourself

DIY Camera Slider

The results:

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