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Originally Posted by White_Knuckles View Post
Yes, the price seems spot-on for a good deal in my region. Based on mileage and your description I'm thinking that baby has lots of useful and enjoyable life to be had. Forget the pulley and belt stuff going on up here, it's sarcasm from a couple guys playing around. It's funny as a pulley isn't exactly a major repair milestone to us. Cars would be machines and there are no magic cars requiring zero maintenance. They all need maintenance items and repairs. Even Toyota's and Subaru's visit the shop from time to time but the owners seem to cover up said adventures.

Here's the thing - you can drive an "entry level sport luxury sedan" that originally sold for 25-30 thousand dollars for $8K. It has all the amenities the original owner should be enjoying but you can snag all this goodness for 1/3 the price? Yeah, that's a good deal looking at bang for the buck. I converted to German cars several years ago and never looked back. Just look how nice they hold up (actually result of quality build and parts). I often get strange looks when people ask, hey, what year is that? They're sure it's much newer 'cause of the excellent design, lines and condition. I'd like to take credit for being a caring owner but it really goes to BMW 'cause I basically drive and maintain her. No excessive costs or maintenance issues have crossed my path. BTW, I spent $13K for my car with 70K miles at purchase - no regrets 5 years later.
While I largely agree with you, there are cars out there to be had that are faster, bigger, more comfy, have the same features, are more reliable, and easier to maintain.

If OP wants speed, he definitely should look elsewhere.

I have a list of stuff done to my old Xi that was as tall as I am while my Acura has never had an issue in almost 130k of driving. The worst thing to happen was a loose piece of trim. Other than that, it was oil changes and factory recommended maintenance. I'm fairly certain that since new there has been less than $3k spent on that car to keep it on the road and that includes $1300 for timing belt/water pump/valve adjustment and $800 for tires. And before you go there, it's in nearly flawless condition.
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