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Originally Posted by SamDoe1 View Post
you will get maybe 200hp out of it after dropping a lot of money (thousands) on any and all NA mods you can get (headers, exhaust, cams, etc). The only way to get a lot more power is a supercharger which will get you ~100hp and put you at ~280hp at the crank...that's less power than most 6 cylinder family sedans today and that's after dropping $5k on a supercharger to go into an $8k car.

If you want power or go fast, this is not the car for you. Don't invest a ton of money into an old car like an E46 unless you want to race it or track it and in which case you should be looking for a 330 and ripping out as much weight as you can instead of adding power. If you want a slower car with great handling and decent looks then you've found it.
I mean I'm not looking for a high performance sports car I just want something that has some kinda pep to it, can be enthusiastic about, and have fun on back roads with, have something to play around with that's unique in a way and good on gas somewhat

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