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This whole discussion is subjective to what one considers "fast" or "peppy". This also applies to what a buyer considers "good on gas". My statement would be reasonable for both accounts. The car (with an auto trans) is neither a granny car or a neck-snapper. It's reasonable to where I've never been longing to supercharge it for daily driving. It accelerates predictably and with gusto where I often see econo-boxes getting smaller in my mirror on a inclined freeway ramp. Bye-bye Prius dogs. I have no intent to check a quarter mile ET as I just don't care. The gas mileage averages 20 something but requires premium which some cringe at. Is this the most amazing car ever? No. But there is a reason owners keep 'em. Maybe the blend of the good and not so bad keeps us around? Go drive one and make your own opinion.

Should anyone know of an amazingly fast car getting 30+ MPG that needs little to no maintenance, please post this wonder! I have a friend who desperately wants to dump his '07 WRX 'cause it keeps breaking.
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