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alirz: It might be that the blue wire that triggers the factory amp to power on might not be sending a strong enough signal for your BMW. Do not worry there is a simple solution for this. I have emailed you the step by step guide how to fix this and soon you will have sound working from all of your speakers. Please check your email for the instructions.
Awesome tommy. Thanks.
That solved the issue.

On another note i seem to have quite some static/interference noise if i simply increase the unit's volume when no music or anything is playing..I think the interference comes from the ibus interface from my past experience. Do you know if there's any way to fix this...i hate the random pops,clicks and whining sounds..

i recorded the noise with my iphone, when the car was simply standing still, engine not running, no wind noise or anything. I'll send it you later, you can hear how annoying it is...Though in the recording it sounds louder that it actually is but still very noticeable to human ears
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