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Originally Posted by zach1328 View Post
I highly doubt a 135i will run circles around a 335i.
There's more to running circles around another car than lbs/hp ratio. Compare the wheelbases, front/rear tracks as well.

135 wb = 104.7"; 535 wb = 116.9"
135 ft = 58.3"; 535 ft = 63"
135 rt = 59.6"; 535 rt = 64.1"

The 135's rear track width is 57% of the wheelbase. For the 535, it's 55%. Basically, the shorter, relatively wider stance gives the 135 more "toss-ability".

Compare the 135 to the E46 (wb = 107.3", ft = 57.9, 58.2 (coupe)); the rear track is 54% of the wheelbase.

Compare all of these with the Z4's 61% rt/wb ratio, and you begin to understand why the Z4 feels more like a go-kart.

On top of all of this, the suspension settings also come into play.

So Zach, while I might agree that your 535 handles better than most E46s, I doubt that, given similar tires and suspension, that it will handle better than a 135. (I didn't compare the 335, since you are touting your 535 so highly. I'll leave that for your rebuttal.)

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