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Hi Jeff,

I have got a backup camera from you (indirectly!) and yesterday I installed it on my D99+.
I have a little problem, please let me know if you have any idea about this.
The camera is functioning fine but the the problem is that when the engine is running the camera's screen gets some kind of noisy ( horizontal bars wiggling vertically ).

I should mention that I had to cut the camera's cable in order to pass it through the elephant tube in the trunk. I was wrestling with it for several hours with no success and finally I got mad and cut it to remove the bulky part. I then twisted the 3 wires inside the cable together and insulated each one with electrical tape. I did not test the camera before this but poor screen quality seems fair to me regarding my action! However, I have no technical knowledge about this. Do you think this might have caused the noises on camera's picture? Can soldering and better insulating improve the picture quality?

The noises disappear and image gets clear when I test the reverse with engine off. The repaired part of the cable is in the trunk lid and I have not put back the trunk and battery covers and liners if it matters.

I would appreciate your input.

Now I found out that not only starting the engine but also the vehicle lighting affects the camera's video quality. With engine off if I turn on the lights to the first position, some noises come to the screen and if I go further and turn on the low beam xenons it gets worse. The worst case is engine running with all exterior lights on.

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