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Originally Posted by ocellatus View Post
I guess the battery is source of noises on the camera.
Could it be the proximity of the camera cable with the thick red battery cable in the trunk?
The cut and repaired part of the cable is inside the trunk lid.

Attached is pics of where I routed the cable behind the rear seat.
Answered on the other thread....

Originally Posted by longtallsally View Post
OK, please do not beat up on me too much for this as I am WAY late to the game and although I've perused the thread off and on for a long time, I've not done a deep dive on the best choice.

So my wife wants to fall in love with her car again and would like to have BT and navigation. I'd like to do it correctly, and this seems like a strong unit and even though a bit pricey, it is still MUCH cheaper than a new car. She's got a Windows phone that I'm assuming will be able to connect to the Dynavin HU? I've read about firmware issues and the like, and what has kept me from getting one a couple years ago was just this; concern that the unit won't be more or less brainless like an OEM unit. My wife is no dunce, but I don't want to have to spend more time monkeying with the unit than using it. I work in the telematics industry, so I'm pretty astute to how all this stuff works, but still just want something only nominally more complicated than "plug and play".

Is this the unit for me/her?
Yes, if you want something relatively simple and easy to use the dynavin is the way to go, PMed with details.

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