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Originally Posted by VonGeiss View Post
I finally got around to trying this, I just wanted to say again how happy I am I found this thread, it worked, at least so far! I had an intermittent ride side blinker, and I found that the solder joints in the top right, there's three in a row, seem to control the blinker. While I had the blinker going and it wasn't working well, I was able to touch it with the metal part of my key and it would start working, then stop when I came off it. I re-soldered them, and added just a tinyyyyy little bit to them and wa la!

Top three in red in this pic (i borrowed another pic in this thread to highlight the spots I'm talking about)
+1 Great thread.

My LED rear blinker failed (after 6 or 7 years of no problems) and I traced the problem to this box, then found this thread after some searching. I carefully hack-sawed the back off the box and soldered two of the those three joints together and it worked again. Sawing - don't saw all the way through the plastic, just most of the way through, along the edges like the burning pic above. Takes a couple of minutes and is cleaner than burning or chipping as seen in some of the posts above. Then you can pop the last little bit by prying with a screwdriver.

I think my LEDs are DEPOs but the black box is the same.
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