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Originally Posted by jeffb325@NavigationSolutions View Post
interesting experiments.....both of them.... Ive not tried different GPS antennas but I have tried different screen protectors. I dont know what results you are getting but I found that all of them make visibility worse...
I tried a few different GPS antennas based on claims and specs. Some pick up different satellites better than others, some make no difference at all, but overall the Gilsson antenna did best, and like I said, it "just works" now where before it often didn't get reception if it was cloudy or in some parts of town.

With the screen protectors, there were a few criteria I used; glare, reflection, contrast, clarity, and touch/feel. I tried a lot of them (PhotoDon, NuShield, 3M, Clarivue), and my take is that the 3M AMR200 is the best balance, although the MXG provided better anti-glare/anti-reflection at the expense of clarity & contrast. NuShield DayVue was interesting but I found it too reflective in this car despite increasing contrast... Their AG film could be worth a try though... There's always going to be some image degradation with this much anti-glare wanted, and also a point where the glare causes white-out, but my subjective take is that it's better with the screen protector up until that point. Dragging menus and icons is better with the protector too - I always found it difficult to drag without clicking before.

Other experiments were software mods (new V6 SuperCharger on M3 ROM, and choice of apps) and a hardware supervisor (backup power with soft shutdown - think of a UPS) were other things I've messed with in an attempt to fix the "Force Close" issue.


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