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Question Bluetooth Pairing Questions

1) How many phones can be paired to the D99+ for phone calls? The new owner finally got around to asking me to pair her phone to the Dynavin but we found out her son's iPhone was already paired, and even though we were eventually able to pair her phone as well, all phone call functions appeared to be attempting to go through her son's phone (who was not home at the time) and we couldn't figure out how to direct calls through her phone.

2) How do you delete/unpair a phone from the D99+?

The manual, IMO, is pretty horrible. For example, its instrux for pairing a phone state to go the main menu and select the "Bluetooth" icon. Well hello, we couldn't find any Bluetooth icon on the main menu screen. Argh! Getting no where, I Googled and found out that the Bluetooth is (always) active so simply enabling Bluetooth on the target phone and selecting "DYNAVIN" should initiate the pairing.
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