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My Ride: M3
broken foot and remote mapping via Teamviewer. My second time remote mapping

2nd gear 14 psi mapped.

traction control never kicks in as front tires help rear tires to grip. Throughout 2nd gear % 40 of torque to the front axles.
XM3 feels as if it drives on rails.

14 psi 60-100 km/h 1.7 seconds. Will raise boost and road speed step by step. Not fast, just seeing what XM3 does at low boost.

Spal fans work so far, but noisy.

Ferodo DS3000 pads bite like a wild dog but judder, I have to bed in DS3000 pads and new rotors.

Racelogic videobox engine speed signal causes stall, had to remove it.

Testing continues, boost and engine speed will be raised, thanks GOD

BTW, tomorrow is an Islamic holly day, mubarak beraat night to Muslim members.
La ilahe illallah = God is one and only

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