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HEY THERE so been readin for years but kept from posting cause most of these threads turn into a pissing match cause someone wants to think about doing something other than just bolting on an OFF THE SHELF part which brings me to my first post-- i am a BMW lover, a certified auto tech of 15+ years, & autoX & trackday my car/cars. but more than anything i hate to just bolt on another part that will likely fail cause on my aggressive style driving (not on the streets) so anywho the ball joint/control arm issue that us XI owners all face quite regularly-- i couldn't find absolutely YES answers for this when i was doing it either??? so i bought the MEYLE ALL METAL BALL JOINTS/Heavy Duty Ball Joint for the NON "M" E36 cars & its just a straight forward ball joint replacement like any other car i'v replaced a ball joint on over the years. they press out (usually in more than 1 peice) like any other & the HOLE THING, outter sleeve & all get pressed out, chiseled out, or burned out JUST LIKE ANY OTHER BALL JOINT REPLACEMENT... i am sorry for not having pics cause i know i hate when u'all dont post pics but FINALLY we have YES ANSWERS on the outter ball joint & NO MORE CONTROL ARM PURCHASES!!! so E36 NON "M" outter ball joint heavy duty or not but if ur doing this I'd opt for the all metal heavy duty ball joint -4 YEAR WARRANTY also. so GOOD LUCK bmw lovers.

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