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Originally Posted by Clem
You actually didn't have to do that much work.

AlanL. just drilled out the rivet holding the seatbelt tensioner onto the sedan seat rails and bolted it to the M3 seat rails.
Yes, I did see that option, but decided against it. I was worried about finding a good replacement nut/bolt combo that was of the proper strength, like a tempered one (this is a seatbelt attachment point, after all). Probably wouldn't have been a factor, but I'm a worry-wart.

Plus I didn't even know if the new seats were even going to work, so even though swapping the seat rails was more labor, I saw it as a guarantee that I could reverse things to their original, pristine, factory condition without making any permanent modifications...

If I was doing it again? I might just drill out the rivet as you suggest, though.
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