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update: i have purchased a toyota echo which has solved my insurance dilemma, therefore i prefer to sell the car for cash. The car is still for sale. (no need for two cars) i also decided to make the deal sweeter for a quick sale. the price has been lowered to 22,000. and also the car will be written off for 15000(if you preferr) which will give you additional savings. the car will not have HIDs. besides that everything will stay the same. The tags are good till the end of this year. i have noticed today that 3 very small door ding, not really noticable, a clear coat scratch( passenger side door 1 inch long) should be easily buffed out. a small scratch on bottom of the driver door. i have been quoted 150 dollars to have the scratch on that driver side painted. I would like the remind you that this is a used car, small imperfections are normal. if you would like to schedule an appointment to see the vehicle please email me at
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