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Originally Posted by jmsanders78
Grattan is GREAT! I think it's tough, though. But wow...

Gingerman inspires confidence. Like Stealthy said, there's basically nothing to hit. I started at Putnam, which has tons of runoff room, like Gingerman. Can you not sneak away for the weekend to go to Gingerman? I'm going!

I'm going to sign up for Grattan with Windy City as soon as my application arrives. Are they out yet?

Off-camber means the road isn't flat from side to side. Turn three has a blind turn-in and the road slopes down to the right, away from the apex. It's a riot! (at Grattan)
No I can't. I'll be going to Grattan if I get the days off for sure though.
The application isn't posted yet.
Because the B isn't for bling.
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