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In reference to the Above Comments:

1) The TWS 10w-60 is a very specific oil and likely a Group IV/V blend. The reason that BMW specifically recommends and imports it is there is no equivilant oil in the US. In Europe, Shell & a few others make an equivilant 10w-60.

2) For Autocrossing and Lapping on Hot Days. For autocrossing, the 0w-40 is fine as you do not see high sustained oil temps. For lapping days, you may want to consider 15w-50 as you will high sustained oil temps.

3) The BMW 5w-30 Synthetic. This is a good oil at a fair price ($4.00). Mobil 1 0w-40 is a better oil, especially for longer change intervals. The problem is the combo of the BMW oil and 15,000 mile oil changes is not a good one.

4) A note concerning Mobil 1 5w-40 SUV oil. I know that somebody is going to go to buy this and say "hey it doesn't say ACEA A3 on the back." They are correct. The 5w-40 oil repackaged Mobil Delvac 1, a Synthetic Heavy Duty Engine oil originally designed for trucks and fleet vehicles. This oil is slightly heavier than the 0w-40 and has an HTHS of 4.1. It meets ACEA E3,4 & 5 which are diesal requirements but still require an HTHS of greater than 3.5.

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