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Originally Posted by atyclb
so, number 1 is many of the others are too?

Give me a break. I'm sorry that I am not up to date on all the latest BMW TSB's concerning their changing recommendations for M car motor oil. I would be willing to bet that if you went to your dealer, their service techs would not be either, and they have the information at a touch of a button.

Frankly, I took the time to post the information to bring some FACTUAL information to the group in an area where there is a lot of speculation, innacurate information, and speculation floating around. I don't notice that you have gone out and done the research and offered up any solid information on the subject!!! Instead you have chosen to take a caveat and note that since I don't have the most up to date TSB's in hand cast the dispersion that all my information must be innacurate. Childish.

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