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Originally Posted by Alan L.
Whats your take on Amsoil Series 2000 oil? People who use it swear by it. They even make claims that their oil can last up to 35K (or one year) between changes (not that any enthusiast would wait that long). After reading alot of articles/tests about oils, seems like they do rank Redline and Amsoil a notch higher than most synthetics. Curious to hear your opinion on this.
Amsoil makes a quality product, their marketing is rather questionable. If you use amsoil stick with the Series 2000 or better yet their new 5w-40 European Oil which meets A3, BMW LL-01 and MB229.3 &229.5 (The Mercedes Benz Specs, specifcally 229.3 and 229.5, are also very ridgid and indicative of a good quality oil). The 7500 series oil is a cheaper group III hydrocracked oil.

The claims of 35,000 miles are far overplayed. There are many caveats, including regular filter changes during that period, that the car is not operated in severe operating conditions, including much stop and go and cold starts.

From the Used Oil Analysis I have seen, Amsoil is capable of turning in low wear numbers for long change intervals (15,000-20,000 miles), the biggest issue being that Amsoil tends to thicken out of grade during extended oil changes. Personally, I believe that Mobil 1 products are of equal quality (guess where Amsoil buys their base oils from!!!) and cheaper. I would not recommend using either oil much longer than 10,000 miles without getting a used oil analysis to determine how the oil is holding up for your application and driving style.

Redline is a different oil than Amsoil. Where Amsoil is focused on extended oil changes, Redline has traditionally focused on racing. Redline used Group V Polyester base stocks (compared to Mobil and Amsoil using Group IV Polyoflin stocks) which arguably are better stocks for supporting additive packages. Redline also uses very high levels of Moly in their oil which will provide a margin of protection should there be oil starvation (i.e. high cornering loads, oil pump breaks, oil line breaks). Redline's chief engineer used to work for Luberzoil, the primary manufacture of oil additives used by nearly all oil companies. He is well respected as an lube engineer. Note that redline makes race and street oils, the race oils lacking the needed addtive package for long term use (more than a month or so). Finally, in terms of used oil analysis, Redline turns in numbers from amazing to so-so. Terry Dyson who performs a great deal of oil analysis and testing for oil manufactures, fleet vehicle owners, etc., however swears by Redline.

As a quick seperate note, oil life is a function of many variable including, but not limited to 1) oil quality, 2) driving conditions, 3) engine design, and 4) engine oil capacity. I have seen oil analysis on the M50 series BMW engines where the factory BMW Synth 5w-30 has been just about used up at 7500 miles, and others where the same engine design and same oil have held up pretty well to 14,000 miles.

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