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Originally Posted by heavyP
Hi fanatics,

Cary : thanks for the wirte up!

I contacted BMW customer relations and asked what oils besides the factory brand are acceptable for use. Keep in mind I have a 2000 328i.

The answer: "Castrol Synthetic, Mobil 1
>Synthetic, and Valvoline High Performance Synthetic with a weight of SAE
>5W-30 are also approved by BMW, however, these oils are not formulated for
>15,000 miles between oil changes like the BMW High Performance Synthetic
>engine oil. "

But he recommended the BMW synthetic as best choice.
I take my car in for all the services as per the computer, every 15k miles and get oil service, where I get BMW oil, but I do my own home oil change in between, at 7500 mi, where I put 5W30 Mobil 1. oops! My car got 5W30 2 times so far, but in the future I am switching to 0W40!!!

Weird thing though, I went to the oil application page on the mobil1 site and they suggested 0w-20, 10w-30, and 0w-40 as being okay.
This is the problem, BMW NA is so out of touch and so outdated in their recommendations that they don't know what should be recommended. It is ironic that they continue to recommend oils that do not meet their own BMW Long Life Standards. If you note on the Mobil 1 site the 0w-20 recommendation and 10w-30 recommendation are for low tempuratures (at least last I checked, their site is not loading at the moment).

As far as BMW's own oil being adequate for 15,000 mile oil changes, perhaps they should look at the used oil analysis that come from motors run that long, the condesation and brown crud that comes from running their oil that long, and the horrible sounding drivetrain and obvious sludge buildup after 100,000 miles from using their oil at 15,000 mile intervals. Yes, they do have extra addtives from the standard Castrol Syntec, the the oil is nothing special and does not reliably make the 15,000 mile interval.


Hey, I got on the Mobil site, their recommendation of 0w-20 for all temps is flat out wrong. If you read the bottles it even says it is designed for honda and for applications calling for 5w-20. Once again an example of bad information floating around. Look for that A3 or BMW LL-01.

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