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Originally Posted by cary1
3) In the US, the only Group IV PAO Synthetics that are available are 1) Mobil 1, 2) Amsoil (but not the Xl-7500), 3) Royal Purple, and 4) German Castrol 0w-30 (it has the red label and says on the back, "Made in Germany). Redline is a Group V PolyEster based oil. All other Castrol, Quaker State, Pennzoil, Valvoline "synthetics" are a Group III hydrocracked oil. It is debated how much better Group IV base oils are than group III, but generally they are considered better.
Cary, there have been rumors and/or speculations that Mobil 1 is no longer GroupIV because of the [supposed] Mobil vs. Castrol court battle over what adequately defines 'synthetic' oils. Is that all it is -- just a rumor? I was debating whether to use RedLine, Mobil 1, or Amsoil at my next change (about 2000 miles to go).

Incidentally, great write-up!
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