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Originally Posted by jtt777

I work in the lubricants industry and want to comment on a few of these items. There is nothing wrong with using the 5W-30 Mobil 1 oil if you are concerned about the ACEA requirements. It is an ACEA A5 oil which adds ontop of A3's requirements with fuel economy. The engine oil manufactuer/lubricant additive company must prove that the oil proves fuel economy over a base oil. Its quite possible that other oils also meet this, but this is another costly certification that they may not choose to run for all oils. All certifications cost money. The additive packages you get in all the mobil 1 grades is not going to vary performance wise. they dont make the 0-40 better than the 5W-30 by adding more anti-wear, dispersants or detergent additives.

You should know better than. ACEA A3 and A5 are mutually exclusive. You are thinking of A1 which A5 includes. Both ACEA A3 and A5 are for extended change intervals, but A3 is for high HTHS oils with a HTHS of 3.5 or greater and A5 is for engines designed for lower HTHS oils of 2.9-3.5. Last I checked BMW fell in the the A3 group in their designs, and VW/Audi depending on the engine used A5 (lets not get into the entire 505.xx VW oil confusion).

I tried to post the chart but it won't so here is a link:

You should know who lubrizol is, since you probably buy your additives from them. On the right of the page you can pull up the ACEA specs which clearly show the diff between A1, A3 and A5.

In reference to your comment about 5w-30 being only 2cst thinner, note that it 1) is A5 rated, not A3, because it has to low of an HTHS, 2) BMW's own oil is A3, and 3) the only oil that Mobil 1 makes with BMW LL approval is the 0w-40.

Small oil companies- Note that I disagree about the quality, redline and amsoil make great products. I agree with sticking with Mobil because if you have an engine failure, however unlikely, BMW will not be able to say it was becasause you used a non API rated oil.

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