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Most of the drift cars are dialed with a lot of over steering. They usually remove the rear sway bar and modify the steering column to improve turning angle.

To drift in a BMW is quite easy. BMWs are pretty balanced front to rear. It is easy to side step on any given corner with weight transfer (brake or throttle). To keep it side way, you need HP to sustain the rear wheel spinning (smoking).

I know a lot of people (at the race track) really look down on drifting. I had a classroom instructor called my action stupid (while I was one of the instructor at my BMWCCA chapter. BTW, I am the VP for my local chapter). In my opinion, drifting actually improved my driving skill. I am no longer panicing while the back end come out at the high speed corner. Yes, it does burn your rubber. But, so does driving on the track that burns fuel, brake pads, brake rotors and other things. I am sure some people here constitue that abuse to your car.

Drifting is just another form of motorsports. Please try it in a safe place. Also, to have a real cool drift, you gotta have LSD in your car. Otherwise, you can't keep going sideway too long.

Good luck.

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