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Originally Posted by YetiX
I was wondering about Miataspec. I like the idea of racing a "full size" car but . . . I know the intial outlay might be a bit more but after that I don't know. I've seen a few ads for ready to race karts for around $3,500 which doesn't sound like that much all things considered. Either way I'm going to have to get a new helmet, etc.

Spec Miata is probably the cheapest way to get into "full size" racing. It also probably has the lowest per event cost thanks to spec tires and the inherent miserly nature of the Miata. It is easy on gas and brakes and the bone yards are full of junked Miatas if you need sheetmetal or hard parts.

Kerting will cost you even less if you get into a spec or sealed motor class. Brakes and tires are much cheaper. Also you don't need a full size truck to tow a kart. I easily tow a 1500lb loaded enclose trailer with my E30.

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