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Originally Posted by Zamorskii
I have a set of Breytons 18x8.5, byt one of the wheels is not straight.
I am not sure how to describe it, but when I rotate it, you can see that the wheel's outer edge goes from side to side (like wobbles), very little , but enough to give pretty damn big vibration on the steering wheel at speeds over 75mph. I know that bends are repaired, but was wondering if these wobbles could be fixed too.

I have a video (~5Mb), but can't find where to host it, cos free service sites do not allow file size more that 1Mb to be transferred

Please smb. help me out
My friends VOLK TE37 were bent so bad that part of the lip was torn away a little (gap of 1/8"). It was fixed like new for $110 each wheel, so your bent is nothing.

The shop is in the Chicago suburbs though. It's Wheel of America.

The shop:

Forum we talked on:

good luck
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