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Originally Posted by MrVanos
But I've seen this car posted many times in the forsale forum. Everytime I see it, the price is a little extreme.

I realize the work that you have put in to building this sweet ass car, but if you want to recoupe any of that cost you'll be better off parting out.....

Who knows tho.... your car is so sweet. Everytime I've seen it so far, I've considered buying it myself.
yea i lowered the price to $27000 obo. I had it at 30 but blue book right now stock is $24,070 and since I have over $18000 invested in it with reciepts for all. I figure somone might pick it up plus im in no hurry to sell it I just have to sell it cause I have too many toys and cars. But looking at what others are selling theirs for on this forumn and in the papers i think i have a good chance sooner or later.
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