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Originally Posted by Jeff43
did you remove any of the weather-proofing that sits inside the fender lip? is it one solid strip, or is it sprayed in there and some can be scraped out?

i had my fenders rolled last week (at Rogue) and Ben remarked on how much weather proofing material was in the lip and that it would prevent the tool from compressing the lip as much as normal. We left it in because i don't want my fenders to rot out. Everything was fine for a week with no rubbing (even when i tried to make it happen) but then last night i got a slight rub again. So now i'm curious if anyone has taken some or all of that material out, and what, if any, consequences there were....

i'm running 18x8.5 BBS CH (35mm) w/235/40s all around w/Schnitzer shocks & Springs...i realize this is an aggressive offset w/that tire size, but after a lot of research on here i was assured they would fit no a little rub, so i brought it to Rogue, thought it was fixed, but apparently i'm still having some issue with it...any ideas or options? thanks guys...-Jeff

I had my 330ci fender liners shaved. They shave it out and spray a protectant on the metal underneath the liner...2.5 years later, inside of fenders still in perfect shape.
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