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Originally Posted by gmhl10
I know how you feel.
I have BBS RG-R 18x8.5 at 38mm with 235/40 tires and people tell me the same thing, but I still get rubbing.
My car sits very low on the coilovers.
I rolled my fenders (because the rubbing is irritating and I might get a different set of wheels later). The body shop guy said that he molded something onto that area of the bumper so that water and wind doesn't get into there.
Good luck to you.
i'm not even that low on the Schnitzer set up...weird. i'm committed to getting this straightened out...i feel like it is barely rubbing, and only under remote circumstances, so i just need a bit more room under there...i'll look into that weather-proofing spray in case i decide to scrape all that stuff feels like there is a good 1/2" to 3/4" of it in the fender lip...

*BTW* - why the move to tire and wheel? this is FENDER/BODY related...i'm not asking about rims or tires or offsets, i'm asking about BODY WORK...when i searched "GENERAL" there are a ton of threads about fender rolling there...Wheel & Tire is like the burial ground for misfit responses!
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