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Most people will tell you to get staggered because of the bling factor, but really all it does it induce understeer compared to all-around . I can relate that it does look very nice to have a staggered setup, but I guess the question you have to ask yourself is, can you live with a staggered setup, do you prefer no tire rotation, and do you not mind getting almost 2 rear tires for one front tire (tread life). I was thinking about a staggered look for my car when I was custom ordering my wheels, but I still went same offset all the way around because I preffered to rotate, and tires can get pretty expensive.

Edit: It should be noted that for high power rwd cars, a staggered setup is more beneficial though (i.e. M3). But for a 3-series, I think an all-around setup is more ideal when it comes to performance.

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