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modding is expensive!!!!
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Originally Posted by TeKNiC330
Ray you fuker, why don you just listen to me? I told you that the PS2's are better.

BTW: I'm heading to LA again for my freakin wheel yea.....v1? hehe....I'll call you and let you know. I might take a cruise down at 70-75mph cause when I had the V1 I felt too confident and was driving like 90-110 mph the whole way.....hella gave me bad MPG.
im askin' cuz i could get pretty good deals on the Goodyear! I'm asking Gloria's boyfriend for hookups rite now.
damn dude..another wheeel deal? Make sure that you swap them at a tire place so that they could check the rims for u before u do anything! Just call me for the V1 man.
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