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Originally Posted by notE46
the ones for E46 are all replicas. the reason why you can't use the 7 or 5 series oem ones is not because of the offset. that's the least of the problems.

e39 5 and e38 7 uses a 76.4mm hub diameter versus E46s 74mm... I might be off on the numbers but the fact is the hub diameter is too large for the E46.

I checked ebay on and off for about 2months and bid on the wheels with 4hrs to go. Got it for $624 total including shipping. They are 18x 8" all 4.

They are sitting in my living room waiting for tires to arrive
thanks for the info-- i saw those on ebay (the ones you just got), the only thing i wasn't thrilled about was having 8.0" widths on the rear (i've got 8.5x17 now with 245s on them)...i was hoping to upgrade to 9.0 or 9.5 to run with 255s. what size tire are you going with, 245?

great price on those, BTW...scott
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