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Originally Posted by e46boy
are your fenders rolled? either way.. i think 10mm is a bit too aggressive.

6-8mm is the max i would go
My fenders are not rolled Kev. Yea that would put me around 30et on a 19x8. I know people fit 19x8.5 with 35 et. Half an inch larger than my 19x8, so .25 inches larger on the outter edge im guessing. So on 19x8 would that be an et of 29? So a 10mm spacer = 19x8 et 30? If that doesnt work then I think ACS sells 7mm spacers, not sure if they are hubcentric and fit non ACS wheels. I do not want it to rub, so I will go as agressive as possible without rubbing. 5mm might be to little and 10mm might be too much. I am not sure if I will even notice 5mm. Get back to me when you can. Thanks man.
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