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tbone84x and warsong: You are both correct. This is a common thing amongst all custom wheel manufacturers. They are definitely tailor made to the enthusiast. Offering such custom offsets and finishes does take time.

They are definitely worth the wait since wheel choice can either make or break a beautifully modded car.

OnePhatCLK With all custom forged wheel manufacturers, 4-6 weeks is standard. At times, especially during the summer, orders increase tremendously. This puts a large demand on manufacturers; therefore, 1-3 wk delay is possible depending on finish and/ or special requests the customer may have.

I've heard another forged wheel manufacturer has a backorder so if you are at your 6th week, I would definitely not worry too much because it is better than waiting 4-5 months. In the end, you will receive your wheels I am sure. I've been through many wheels myself and have dealt with numerous wheel manufacturers so I think I know the industry enough to know what I am talking about.

Just my .02 cents.


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