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Originally Posted by Mike48162
Azenis are a good choice. On a 330ci last year the winning car at Nationals ran on 255/40x17 the 245's will fit. Also, if you have not found it, the tirerack site and/or manufacturer gives overall tire dimensions for you to compare....

The gearing issue you'll notice more with street driving than in autoxing. 235/40 is a nice size, but I know not always available.

The other thing to consider, especially if it's a rough the the Azeni's tend to get a bit greasy/slippery when they get too hot...check with other competitors who run them there. What I'm thinking is that the larger sized tire may help avoid this overheating and the tires going away just when you need that final 2 tenths on that last run?

Azenis + hot day = garden spray (a must)

My last autox I attended I would run right at the competitive times until the last two turns where the car would spin (even with less speed). As soon as I started spraying down the tires, no more spin and more grip. I was running 4 245/45/17.

As for the gearing change, you will notice it and you will hate it. My autox car is my M Coupe which is lighter and has more hp than the 325i/it.

I can tell you that the larger size tire wont help with the overheating issue during the summer. At least in the Central CA summer where upper 90F is common. The last event was at Atwater where the national tour runs so it was pretty rough on the tires. Me and my co-driver both noticed the tires over heating after our 2nd run (out of 5).

I will say that if the plan is to run Azenis for autox only then go for it. They are cheap enough that you can use them for one season and then buy new ones at the start of the new season. I'm pretty sure my tires wont last more than one season.
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