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WOW, I had almost given up on this post when 'suddenly'

I get so many replies. Thanks for the great information!!

Just a few notes. My rims are 8" all the way round since they are the 323 sports package (sorry I didn't clarify). Also, I am currently running on the Azenis sport tires, but unfortunately very undersized at 205/55-16 . These are left over tires from a VW GTi that I used to Auto-X. It is true that these tires get slimy after 3 runs in the morning and 2 in the afternoon. My last 1-2 runs feel like I riding on greese...and it doesn't help that the wagon is heavy.

I unfortunately will likely be running in 100+ degree heat in Texas until Fall arrives.

Slick tires:
I'm currently running competitively in my class right now with street tires (Azenis), however, to be competitive in the next higher BMW class, I need to shave 3-4 seconds over an 80-100 second course. I think I'll find that really tough since I'll be runnning with 328s, 330s, Z4s and stock M3s.

The course typically hits 70+ mph on 1-2 stretches and best time of day is usually in the 80-100 second range.

For the guys who have switched from good street tires to R compound, how many seconds do you typically pick up per 60 seconds of racing? thanks in advance!!
2000 323iT / 2003 325i

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