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Originally Posted by Mike48162
For the guys who have switched from good street tires to R compound, how many seconds do you typically pick up per 60 seconds of racing? thanks in advance!!
Driven well the new tires should get you 1/2 way to the fast competitive times. R tires respond more quickly with less aural feedback. Takes some getting used to. While R tires offer more grip in corners and transitions, they may not offer the same noticeable advantage under braking...

R tires offer a faster way around the course, but also more chances to lose time when we bobble. Keeping up with the fast boys for me seems to be less about finding out how to go faster, but more about not finding ways of adding extra time out there (i.e. by being too far off slalom cones, by taking too wide a line in a corner, by trying to go too fast in a slow section etc)[/QUOTE]

Dot-R tires are generally good for 1 second faster for every 18 seconds onm course.

For a car that heavy for street autocross tires go with BFG KD (not KDW) or Kumho Ecsta MX

The Azenis hate heat, and for a street tire you want the lower gearing.

For a Race tire you want a Hoosier , a 245/45/16 A3S04 would be a good place to start.
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