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Look's like I may have posted this one on the wrong thread, but I appreciate everyone's input...
Thanks for the replies. The 7 stars look like the one's that are on Sicily 1918's Bimmer. I'll probably go for those as I liked how they looked on Sicily's coupe.

As for the Corvette question...
You know you love BMW's when you're driving a C5 corvette and you find every possible flaw in it so you can go buy a bimmer. Corvette's are an awesome piece of machinery under the hood, especially with the C5/C6 style--unfortunately they feel like you are driving a large boat with a rocket engine. You bottom out everywhere, the interior looks like a Camaro, and the entire car rattles after 3 years. Bimmers are tight, luxurious, classy, and reliable...
Personally, I would buy the C6 while there is a shortage, race it for 2 months and sell it at a premium while you can. Unless you're loaded--then keep both!
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