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Originally Posted by 04ragtop
I hope this works out for you. I got scammed on Ebay once for $2200 and it took almost a year to get my money back.

Not sure why you are expecting to get more from this guy than what you paid him. You'll be lucky to get your original $$ back. A four week delay in shipping doesn't put some sort of penalty payment in play here. He owes you an exhaust system or your money back and that's really it.
It would have been one thing if it was a 4 week delay. I guess this guy is known for doing stuff like this. The FBI has been investigating this guy for quite some time and creating a huge file so they can take him to jail.

My order was placed on March 29. Today is July 22. A little more than a 4 week delay huh? :argue:

Also, he refuses to give my money back, so I'm going to have to wait until the FBI takes his ass to court.

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